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Yoga with Heidi Lichte

About Heidi Lichte CYI, E-RYT 500 

Heidi Lichte is an experienced, certified, registered Yoga Teacher, and a Master Reiki practitioner.   She received her certification from Desert Song Yoga in 1999.   She completed the advanced Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra certification in 2018.  Heidi teaches yoga full-time and as of 2020, she has over 15,000 hours of teaching experience.  She has had the honor of being a staff member of Desert Song's Teacher Training Program since 2007.   

She is committed to exploring the beauty of life and to bridging the physical body with the mind, heart and spirit.  

Heidi teaches functional movement based Hatha yoga.  While she has studied with Iyengar, Anusara, and Swatantrya teachers, she professes no allegiance to one particular style.  Her studies also include the wisdom of body workers, like Will Johnson, that bring a unique and transforming view of how to be free in one's body.  Hanna Somatic teachers have taught her how to resolve tension patterns in the body more effectively than traditional stretching. Her passion for finding ease in the body led her to learn more about natural posture solutions from Kathleen Porter and Esther Gokhale. 

Being eclectic in her studies allows Heidi freedom to innovate.  She is able to integrate this knowledge into her own ever evolving understanding of the human mind-body.  In Heidi's classes, you will learn how to use this information in a light-hearted, friendly atmosphere.  She provides personalized attention with her students, insures they receive a good warm-up and  focuses on exploring healthy, functional movement in every pose.  Rather than a cookie cutter approach to finding the "perfect pose", she teaches that it is important to customize movement to fit the needs of each student.  Heidi enjoys humor and believes that being able to laugh at oneself is good medicine.  Her gracious way and compassionate manner  provide students a comfortable space to move deeper into their own understanding and practice. 

 Heidi combines a strong working knowledge of anatomy, along with a present-minded, honor yourself approach in each class she offers.  She encourages us to slow down, appreciate, and to create space for the changes we desire.

 Her major influences include Erich Schiffmann, Doug Keller, Matthew J. Taylor PT, PhD, Nischala Joy Devi, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Mary Beth Markus, Susi Hately, Will Johnson, Kathleen Porter and Martha Peterson.